TICA Top Three Exotics, Himalayans
& Persians for 2016-2017

by KATHY DURDICK, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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PandEcats.com is happy to present the Top Three Exotic and Persian Breed Winners for 2016-2017
in The International Cat Association.

Top Three Exotics


  • IW Starolympus King Kong
  • IW SGC Purr Elli Light Em Up/CF
  • Ari-Al's Tate/CF


  • IW SGC Purr Elli Light Em Up/CF
  • IW SGC Ashlin Zots Powder Puff Girl/CF
  • IW SGC Leostar Rex


  • LA SGCA Panei Whispurr Sweet Secrets
  • RW SGCA Bayview Zots Brightroar
  • SGCA Panei's Marie Antoinette/CF

IW SGC Purr Elli Light Em Up - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair
TICA's Best Exotic Cat & TICA's 9th Best Cat 2016-2017

Top Three Himalayans


  • IW SGC Sunspirit Sugar Bear of Smokeycoons
  • Kopy Kapp's Cosette of Gilvtales/CF
  • Himalaya's Road Morning Dew/LO


  • IW Melody's Louna/LO
  • SGC Gilvtales It Takes A Village
  • IW SGC Sunspirit Sugar Bear of Smokeycoons


  • QGCA Radzacatz Sir Osborne
  • IW Melody's Jazz/LO
  • LA SGCA Lil Luv Lyns Charmed To Be Sure

IW Melody's Louna
TICA's Best Himalayan & 20th Best Longhair 2016-2017

Top Three Persians


  • IW Garnicats Queen Ravenna
  • IW Jovan's Mandrake/CF
  • IW Whozz Oso Fine of A'tien


  • IW SGC Jarod De Longua Aqua/LO
  • IW SGC Cuzzoe American Boy of Riverbin
  • LA SGC Sontse Travis of Ahura


  • IW SGCA Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobsc/CF
  • LA SGCA Windyvalley's Luminate of PKays/CF
  • LA SGCA Zendique Zut Alors

IW SGC Jarod De Longua Aqua/LO - Black Smoke Persian
TICA's Best Persian Cat & 7th Best Cat 2016-2017



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