TICA Top Three Exotics, Himalayans
& Persians for 2019-2020

by KATHY DURDICK, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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PandEcats.com is happy to present the Top Three Exotic and Persian Breed Winners for 2019-2020
in The International Cat Association.

Top Three Exotics


  • Marleevo Heartbreaker
  • DClass Selene
  • Rivabell Rejoice


  • Zendique Jiminy Cricket
  • Dark Diamond's Reuben of Rivabel/CF
  • Truelove's Tang Tang/CF


  • LA BW SGC Purr Elli Light Em Up/CF
  • IW BW SGCA Panei's Duke Venomania/CF
  • Marleevo C N Spots

IW SGC Zendique Jiminy Cricket - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
TICA's 5th Best Cat & Best Exotic Shorthair 2020

IW SGC Purr Elli Light Em Up - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair
TICA's 2nd Best Alter and Best Exotic Alter 2019-2020

IW BW SGCA Panei's Duke Venomania - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair
TICA's 7th Best Alter and 3rd Best Exotic Alter 2019-2020

Top Three Himalayans


  • Melody's Precious/LO
  • Gilvtales Miss Elphaba
  • Micifuz Minerva


  • Melody's Obiwan/LO
  • Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt
  • Purr-Star Moonlight of Le-Vell


  • Karissimakat Colonel Parker
  • Catbery Tail Mischief Maker/CF
  • Sunspirit Sugar Bear of Smokeycoons

IW BW SGC Melody's Obiwan - Seal Lynxpoint Himalayan
TICA's 6th Best Cat & Best Himalayan 2020

IW SGC Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt - Red Point Himalayan
TICA's 2nd Best Himalayan
Photo by L. Johnson

Top Three Persians


  • Starolympus Diablo of Lildarlynns
  • One Hera
  • Wallycats 1st Class All The Way


  • Anouchka Champagne On Ice
  • Zendique Vanellope Van Sweetz
  • Toy Tricksy Bomboncito of Chate/CF


  • Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobsc/CF
  • Hotstuff Tall Dark Handsome Joe
  • Cullykhan Vivaldi

IW BW Starolympus Diablo of Lildarlynns
TICA's 25th Best Kitten and Best Persian Kitten 2019-2020

IW BW GRC Anouchka Champagne On Ice
TICA's 17th Best Cat and Best Persian 2019-2020
Photo by L. Johnson

LA BW SGC Toy Tricksy Bomboncito of Chante/CF
TICA's 17th Best LH Cat and 3rd Best Persian 2019-2020

LA BW SGCA Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobsc/CF
TICA's 5th Best Alter and Best Persian Alter 2019-2020

SGCA Cullykhan Vivaldi
TICA's 3rd Best Persian Alter 2019-2020


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