Ann Sones

by Diane Castor
Playwickey Cattery

Published April 2009

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My very old and treasured friend, Ann Sones had passed away on the 14th of March. 2009. She had been unwell for the last few years and I had not seen her very often.

Her cattery, Myshadows, is one of the grand old ones.

Ann and I both showed in the late sixties and early seventies together as we only lived about a half hour away from each other. Ann bred and showed Himalayans in CFA when they were a breed of their own. I bred Tabby Persians and we had sons of the same age who often came with us to local shows and were stewards.

GC, NW Myshadows Madame
Tortoiseshell Persian Female
CFA's 6th Best Cat, 1988-89
Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones
Photo: Howard

As the Himalayan evolved in to the Persian Division in the mid 1980's, Ann took this in stride and worked to bring the strong Persian type into her Himalayans. Ann loved to show and she loved to win - always looking for that perfect Persian to take on a campaign. In 1989, Ann's tortie, GC, NW Myshadows Madame, was the winner of the first CFA Invitational Show. The repeat breeding of Madam, a blue cream, GC, NW Myshadows Bawdy Lady, was not only shown in this country, but was taken to a show in Paris where she was featured on a week of talk shows on TV and radio.

GC, NW Myshadows Baughdy Lady
Blue-Cream Persian Female
8th Best Cat in CFA 1986-87
Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones
Photo: Chanan

In the early 1990's, I learned that Ann had been ill and I called to offer my help with her cats. I had been out of cats for a few years and stepped right back in with gusto taking on the Himalayan challenge while Ann continued in the solids, parti-colors and bi-colors.

We were off again to the shows and had a wonderful time together. Ann was known by all to be kind and generous with herself, her time and her help to any who needed it. When Ann decided to retire due to failing health, I was saddened to lose my show pal and shows were never quite as much fun without my friend and companion.

GC, GP, NW Myshadows Morning News
Seal Point Himalayan Neuter
CFA's 12th Best Alter, 1989-90
Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones
Photo: Johnson

It has been jokingly said that Ann closed every show being the last one out. Ann loved to gab and it was all I could do to light a fire under her so we could go home. There are many many stories about Ann and her wonderful sense of humor and her great love for her cats. She was a treasure to the cat fancy and will be missed by many. I have lost a wonderful friend....

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GC, GP, NW Myshadows Morning News
Seal Point Himalayan Neuter
CFA's 12th Best Alter, 1989-90
Born: 6/25/1986
Sire: Myshadows Blueberry
Dam: Myshadows Pipsqueak
Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones
Photo: Johnson




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