Barbara St. Georges

Published April 2009

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Barbara St Georges pictured with GP Briar-Brae Marked Well. Photo by Bob Zenda

April, 2009, the cat fancy lost a unique lady when CFA judge Barbara St. Georges passed away in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She was 80 years old.

Barbara bred and exhibited cats under the Briar-Brae cattery name for more than five decades and was an allbreed cat judge in the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. for almost forty-eight years.

She named her cattery Briar-Brae after the the street on which she and her husband lived in their first home together in Stamford, Connecticut from 1950 to 1960. While living there, they had five children with another one on the way before moving to a much larger house.

Barbara first began breeding Persians, with a preference for silvers and dilutes. She later became involved with other breeds including Siamese and Tonkinese, but her final choice was her beloved Manx.

GC, NW Briar-Brae Merphy of Bil-Bet, a red tabby male SH Manx was CFA's 6th Best Cat in Championship in 1985-1986.

In 1961 Barbara St. Georges began her long and illustrious judging career. She also served for a number of years on the CFA Board of Directors and was one of the group that pioneered the concept of the CFA International Show.

Barbara was President of CFA's Judging Association from 1974 - 1977 and she also served as Vice President. She was a charter member of the Nutmeg Cat Club, and was also active in the old Empire Cat Club. Her involvement with CFA Clubs through the years was legendary and too long to list except to say that she remained a member and driving force in two Albuquerque Clubs, RoadRunners and El Camino Real.

Barbara St. Georges, a grand lady of CFA for half a century ... she will be dearly missed.


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