In Memory of Betty Yadlosky, Sunval Cattery

Published March 2010

BY Hope Gonano
Laureden Himalayans, Persians & Exotics

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It is with great sadness that the cat fancy bids farewell to Betty "Flossie" Yadlosky, of Sunval cattery. Betty passed away February 8th, 2010.

Flossie Elizabeth Yadlosky of Sunval Cattery would have celebrated her 80th birthday on May 5th this year. Known to most of her friends and family as “Betty”, she grew up in the city of Detroit where she met and married her high school sweetheart, William Yadlosky (Bill) at the young age of 18.

They were married for 61 years. Together they have two children, two grandchildren and two great - grandchildren.

She loved to sketch, paint and design clothing, but most of all she loved animals of all kinds. Her biggest dream as a young girl was to live in the country where she could have the animals. Over the years she raised and trained several breeds of horses, and for many years she exhibited Shetland and Hackney ponies.

She started raising Persian cats over 50 years ago until she fell in love with the Himalayans. In 1977, she got started breeding Himalayans. Her first Himalayan was a seal point female she purchased from Boris Teron, named Nevah-Tep Gay Contessa (pictured at left, with Betty).

She bred her to a cream Persian male named CH Iran Sir Damian, with the intent of improving head type. The first litter produced a blue CPC boy named "Hanky Panky", who became the foundation of her Himalayan program. She was always one to strive for the best, which can be observed by the identifiable type and expression of the beautiful Sunval Himalayans that she is known for.

In a 1995 interview, Betty said that she had a dream of one day campaigning a cat of her own breeding to a National Win. She accomplished this in 2001, when FOUR Himalayans were in the top 25 cats for the year, including the 25th Best Cat, a lovely tortie point named GC, NW Sunval Lil' Darlin.

The Sunval cattery has truly been one of the all time great Himalayan catteries, with the following accomplishments over the years from cats with the Sunval prefix:

  • 36 Himalayan Grand Champions
  • 3 CPC Grand Champions
  • 5 Himalayan Grand Premiers
  • 5 Himalayan Regional Winners
  • 1 CPC Regional Winner
  • 1 CPC Breed Winner
  • 1 Himalayan National Winner


To really understand the impact and influence Betty has had on the cat fancy and Himalayans, we'd like to share the following memories...

From her loving husband:
"Thank you God for allowing me to share my life with her."
   ~ Bill Yadlosky

I can hardly believe Flossie has left us. She and Bill were so much a part of the shows in the Great Lakes showing their cats which they loved. The cat fancy has been such a big part of their lives and touched all of ours too. I wish the very best for Bill during this difficult time.
   ~ Kim Everett-Hirsch

Flossie was an icon of the Himalayan breed. As a new exhibitor I remember when I first saw her at a cat show. I noticed her confident grooming and presentation of the cats. She always seemed so in charge and I noticed the cats themselves, which were beautiful with those large blue eyes! Flossie was a true lady and I made a point to listen as she shared her knowledge. She helped me become more confident and knowledgeable about my breeding program. Her words of encouragement helped me overcome many butterflies when I was showing my cats. I will miss Flossie's sage advice and I will miss seeing her at the shows. We truly have lost a great Himalayan breeder. Goodbye dear Flossie, I will miss you,
   ~ Lyn Knight-Burnbrae cattery

Flossie was always a kind presence in the show hall, she was always friendly to me and never failed to ask how "farming" was going. I'll miss Flossie, a great loss for himmy breeders.
   ~ Lynn Staker, Countrygal Himalayans

I'm very very sad for the loss of Betty Flossie, I didn't have the lucky to meet her in person, but I've know her last year, when she sent me a wonderful female from her breeding and I'm so proud to be the only one in all Europe to carry on her names, her work, her beautiful work with himalayans and her kindness will survive forever in her cats and her bloodlines. I'll thank her forever to allowed me to have Sunval High Lights (pictured at right).
   ~ Francesca, Anjelicats Himalayans

When I started working on pointed Exotics in the early 1990's, it was Flossie's lines that gave us type way ahead of its time and the line blended so well with Barb's himmie lines and the Exotic lines I was using. We never hesitated to remind her of that anytime we saw her, and she and Bill were such great people to compete with at the shows.
   ~ Donna Wilbanks, Starship/Starbourne Exotics

As a fellow Persian & Himalayan breeder, I haven't known Flossie as long as many others; but I am very fortunate to have known her, even for the short while. She was always kind and helpful to me. We would chat briefly at some of the shows, but would always say hello at every show. She was a gracious lady and I will miss seeing her in the show hall.
   ~ Karen Murth Chamagoura Persians, Himalayans & Exotics

My memory of Flossie Y is her famous quote of her saying to me the last time we spoke. "Girls breeding girls" I have a Sunval Daughter and am proud to say two of her offspring. We love Sunval Star Gazer with all our hearts as we loved Flossie.
   ~ Andi & Frank Miller, Attraction Cattery

Our memories of Flossie are of a very beautiful, put together lady, inside & out. Last time Lauren saw her, she had her usual welcoming hug. My most significant memory is of her mentoring. She told me it was very important to have a good female in my breeding program, for it was the female that produced like, more than the male. I have found this to be as true as the lady that gave me that advice.

She will be forever in our hearts,
   ~ Hope & Lauren Gonano


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