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Published May 2015

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Two of the most well known cat registering organizations with central offices based in the US are:

CFA is the largest cat registry in the world and TICA is one of the fastest growing cat registries.

Many cat breeders, especially in North America, find themselves registering and showing in both organizations—but there are quite a few differences between how the two organizations register and show pedigreed cats.

The table below outlines the major differences between CFA and TICA.

Basic Differences Between CFA and TICA



Registration or Organizational Differences
  • Member clubs
  • No individual voting
  • Individual or family membership
    and voting
# Regions in US/Canada
International Regions
  • Japan
  • Europe
  • International Division
    (Africa, Asia and Latin America)
  • South America
  • Northern Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Europe West
  • Asia
Registration based on:
The cat is the breed only if the parents are the same breed or an allowable outcross, regardless of appearance
The cat is the breed it looks like
regardless of the parent breed
Official Publications
  • The Online Almanac includes a one-year subscription (6 issues) to the print magazine, CatTalk.
  • Cat Talk is published every 2 months.
  • The TICA TREND, print magazine
  • Published every 2 months.
Breeds Judged in Different Groups
Breeds recognized in one registry
that are not recognized in the other

CFA recognizes the Ragamuffin
while TICA does not

TICA recognizes the following breeds
which CFA does not:

Australian Mist
British Longhairs
Burmilla Longhairs
Khao Manee
Kurilian Bobtail
Munchkin LH
Minuet (formerly Napoleon)
Scottish Straight (LH and SH)

Exotic Shorthair



American Bobtail Longhair
American Curl Longhair
Japanese Bobtail Longhair
LaPerm Longhair
Oriental Longhair
American Bobtail Longhair
Oriental Longhair
PixieBob Longhair
Scottish Fold Longhair
Selkirk Rex Longhair

All are Judged in the SH Group in CFA

*The Cymric is a called a LH Manx in CFA
but is shown in the SH Group

All are Judged in the LH Group in TICA

Judging Differences
# rings/day/show
  • 4 rings one day show
  • 6 rings one day show
    Saturday AND/OR Sunday
  • 6/8 rings two day show
  • 10-rings shows. Must be either 6/4 or 5/5
  • 10 - 14 rings / 2 day show
  • 15 - 19 rings / 3 day show
  • Maximum 20 rings / 3 day weekend
    Maximum 16 rings for two-day show
Numbering in the catalogue
Cats are numerical in a continual sequence from #1 to last cat in show


Cats are numbers from 1 in each category
for Kittens, Championship, Alters & Household Pets.

Grouped by 50's and 100'

The Judge's Book
Open, Champion and Grand titles are listed
No titles are listed in the judge's book
Class divisions within the Breed
Each breed class is divided by
Title, Sex and Color
Classes are divided by Color Only
HHP Divisions
Divided into Spays and Neuters only

Divided into 10 Color Divisions

Divided into eight divisions and four categories
for a total of 32 combinations

HHP kittens are separated from adults

Maximum # of class placements
3 (First, Second, Third)

5 (First - Fifth)

Best of Color Awards
Best of Color (BOC)
2nd Best of Color (2BOC)
5 Best of Color (BOC) awards
(1st - 5th)
Best of Breed
Best of Breed (BOB)
2nd Best of Breed (2BOB)
3 Best of Division (BOD) awards (1st - 3rd)
3 Best of Breed (BOB) awards (1st - 3rd)
Number of Placements in the Finals

Top 10


Kittens: Top 15 if 100 or more entered

Championship: Top 15 if 150 or more entered

Premiership: Top 15 if 75 or more entered


Top 10 if 25 or more are present


Top 9 if 24 cats entered
Top 8 if 23 entered
Top 7 if 22 entered
Top 5 if 21 entered
Top 5 if 20 or less

HHP and HHP kittens:
Maximum top 10 regardless of number present.

Individual Ring Scoring
The highest number of cats present in any one ring is considered the number of cats present in every ring of the show.
The actual number of cats present in each ring is calculated for every individual ring.
Calling Cat's # for the Finals
The Cats' numbers in the final are announced over a loudspeaker.
The cats' numbers are placed on the judging cages and an announcement made: "Numbers are being posted in Ring #1 for the allbreed cat final. Check your numbers".
A cat must be present to win an award

The Judge can choose to hang a ribbon on an empty cage if the cat has left the show hall and it is after the posted show hours.

If before close of posted show hours, the cat can only receive the final if the owners received permission from show management before leaving the show hall.

Show Results

Show results, or Scoreboards, are updated monthly within 10-12 days following the last full weekend of the month.

Archives are limited to the current month and three months prior.

UNOFFICIAL show results are emailed to subscribers of:

Results are available a day or longer after the show depending on the Master Clerk of the show and/or the Regional Show Reporter.


One week after the end of the month, a paid subscription to monthly "epoints" is available giving the current standings in CFA.

The last month of the season, updated epoints are available approximately 10 days after each show weekend.

Estimated TICA standings are published at 

Official TICA Standings are published at

The official standings are updated about once a month, sometimes more often but are often more than a month behind actual show results.

Titles Awarded
Highest Title

National Winner, NW

International Winner, IW
Regional Title

Regional Winner, RW
Divisional Winner, DW
(International Region Only)

Regional Winner, RW
Individual Titles

Champion, CH
Grand Champion, GC

Champion, CH
Grand Champion, GC
Double Grand Champion, DGC
Triple Grand Champion, TGC
Quadruple Grand Champion, QGC
Supreme Grand Champion, SGC

Premier, PR
Grand Premier, GP
Champion Alter, CHA
Grand Champion Alter, GCA
Double Grand Champion Alter, DGCA
Triple Grand Champion Alter, TGCA
Quadruple Grand Champion Alter, QGCA
Supreme Grand Champion Alter, SGCA
Household Pet Titles

GH (Grand Household Pet)
GHD (Grand HHP of Distinction)
HRW (HHP Regional winner).

There are no national titles.

Master, MAS
Grand Master, GM
Double Grand Master, DGM
Triple Grand Master, TGM
Quadruple Grand Master, QGM
Supreme Grand Master, SGM
Regional Winner, RW
International Winner, IW
Breeding Titles
Distinguished Merit, DM
15 grands for a male
5 grands for a female
Outstanding Sire, OS - 15 grands
Outstanding Dam, OD - 5 grands
Other Titles
  • Breed Winner, BW: Highest scoring cat in Breed or Division for the year
  • Grand Champion of Distinction GCD
  • Grand Premier of Distinction GPD

Lifetime Achievement, LA

Awarded to any cat with a combination of 3 IW/RW titles, one of which must be an IW

Order of Titles
(Championship Only)
(Only use the Highest title earned in
Championship and/or Premiership)

Cat's name,

LA/IW/RW then OS/OD then CH/SGC
Highest Individual Title
(Earned in Championship and/or as an Alter or HHP)

Cat's Name

Number of Top Cat Titles awarded each season Nationally and Regionally
Top 25

Top 25 All Breeds
Top 25 LH Cats
Top 25 SH Cats

Top 25
Top 25
Top 25
Top 25
Top 10 in Region
No National titles awarded
Top 25 HHP Adults
Top 25 HHP Kittens
Number of Rings Scored for Top Awards





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