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by ANNE BURNAROOS, SweeterPea Persians

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While most people think of a "cool cat" as a jazz musician jamming with a saxophone — there is a more literal meaning to the expression.

In fact, this is the story of two cool cats who know how to be REALLY cool when it's much too hot. Their names are Bear, a black Persian and his roommate, FB, a blue boy. Together, they live with me and my "human fella" near Seattle in Washington state.

As summer arrived, the "boys" were enjoying our air-conditioned home when disaster struck! It was 90 degrees outside . . . and our air conditioner decided to take a little vacation!

The Black Persian is GP Endoline Mr. Bear of SweeterPea,
"Bear" to his friends.
The Blue Persian is Endoline Faire Breeze of SweeterPea,
and his pals call him "Faire Breeze" or "FB"


Well, when you have two VERY spoiled Persians in your home, and no air-conditioning while you wait for the repairman, there is just one way I could think of to keep my fur-guys comfortable . . . In The Refrigerator!

Now don't freak on me . . . we didn't put them in there and close the door :-) . . . We propped the door open with a spatula, so the light would stay on and oxygen would flow through.

They LOVED it!!!! They stayed there for almost an hour as I checked on them every few minutes in case they were uncomfortable or wanted out. Neither of them would even stand up when I opened the door and just looked at me like "Shut the dang door lady, you're letting the cold air out!"

They actually fought with me a bit when I finally took them out...(things were starting to get a little warm in the fridge). The neighbor ladies came over to see what we had in the fridge and suggested I take pictures. So, here ya go . . .

Bear: I think they call this style of refrigerator a side-by-side.

FB: Well... we seem to fit side-by-side on one shelf very nicely.

Bear: Hey! Now you're hoggin' my half of the shelf...

FB: Do you think we can get them to turn out the light? It's interfering with my nap.

Bear: This is the life! We are two cool cats, man.

FB: We are chillin', brother'!

Bear: Do you think we can get our Fancy Feast served to us in here?

FB: If not we could snack on the yogurt on the shelf below.

*Photos by by Anne Burnaroos, SweeterPea Persians
*Animation by Lucy Rand

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