The Coop Cup . . . .
Or how to stop your stud cat from peeing in his food!

by PAMELA LANIGAN, Cuddleton British Shorthairs

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CCC of A GC & FCCV Gold GC Cyclard Saville Row

Something wonderful happened to me years ago.

I took a four hour flight from one side of Australia to the other to meet a delightful lady who had brought something very special for me. I don't think I realized the significance of it at the time, but I was about to collect a very special kitten.

His daddy was CCC of A Grand Champion and FCCV Gold Grand Champion Cyclard Saville Row. Saville is a magnificent big, blue British Shorthair cat. He has virtually no neck with his great big head sitting on broad strong shoulders.

When I first saw his son, Jackie, I fell in love.

Jackie was a cutie pie bicolor and his markings were close to perfection.

Looking at his big and handsome poppa, Saville, I thought WOW, please let my little boy grow up to be just like him.

A Slip In Table Manners

There was one thing I was hoping Jackie wouldn't do just like his daddy, though . . . pee in his food bowl.

When I visited his breeder, I had the opportunity to see Saville Row in his stud quarters. He had a pair of silver food bowls suspended up off the floor by hooks into the mesh side of the pen. At the time, I said to his breeder, Marie Orchard,

“Look, doesn't he have cute food bowls!”.

Marie laughed and said that she had to get them for him as Saville had a naughty habit. He would eat his dinner... then what he didn't finish, he would pee on.

Coop Cups

The bowls were actually called "coop cups" and are designed for parrot seed and had a ring that could be fitted to the side of a bird cage or enclosure at a convenient height.

The cups have hooks that clip on to the wire of a mesh cage.  Or if you want to attach them to metal sheeting you can buy a cup with a screw fitting.

By hanging them just a little higher than Saville's “hosing region”, but not too high for him to eat from comfortably, it kept his kibble clean and dry.

ACF Champion & Triple Grand Champion Cyclard Jack Flash

As Jackie Matured...

And as time went by, Jackie did grow up to be just like his daddy.

By the time he was four years old, he had been Supreme Cat In Show five times, twice while he was still a kitten.

He has almost no neck just like Saville and a lovely calm, placid nature like his big slow moving daddy.

I couldn't have been more pleased about how like his daddy Jackie was.

Then, at the age of three and a half years,Jackie decided if it was good enough for his daddy it was good enough for him - and started to pee in his biscuit bowl.

Thank goodness for that trip to Melbourne, for I already knew the easy "fix" for the problematic behavior. I went straight out and bought a coop cup - and it worked perfectly. Jackie can now happily eat his kibble... but can't pee in it!!!! The coop cups are available at many pet shops in the bird feeder section. There are also smaller versions that make great show cage water dishes. 

About The Author: Pamela Lanigan is a British Shorthair breeder in Perth , Western Australia .  A newcomer to breeding she purchased her first British Shorthair in 2004 and registered her cattery name, Cuddleton soon after.

Deciding to specialize in dilute bicolors she looked for a blue bicolor male. She was rewarded with a wonderful blue bicolor kitten called Jackie bred by Marie Orchard in Victoria . ACF Grand Champion & Triple Grand Champion Cyclard Jack Flash has won many Best in Shows locally and several best of breed awards at Australian National shows. 

His nickname is "Mr Handsome" and has produced some lovely kittens with her blue and lilac girls.

Pamela also owns a fawn bicolor, Catbalu Cuddleton, known as "Henry". He is Australia 's first fawn British Shorthair and is known as “Mr Pretty”. He traveled from the UK to Australia in 2007 with a black girl, Catbalu Cinnamon Cinders, Pamela's first non-dilute British Shorthair.

Pamela adores her cats and loves to show them. She is an active member of her association COAWA as a committee member and holding the position of secretary. She has served as show manager, show secretary and trophy steward at many local shows and stewards regularly.

She hopes the future will bring her a rainbow of bicolor babies.


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