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Published May 2016

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Facebook is a popular social media site. With its user-friendly interface, it is a good platform to promote your upcoming cat show and encourage spectator attendance.

In order to advertise your cat show on Facebook you will first to create a Facebook Page for your Cat Club. Once you have created a Club Page, you can use it to promote upcoming events — like a cat show.

Begin by logging into your Facebook Page Timeline . . .

Click the triangle (upper right) and select “Create Page”

Next, Select Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Choose Non-Profit Organization
  • Type in the Cat Club's full name

Now you are read to setup a page for your cat club. In this example, we are calling it "Kitty Cat Club".

#1 About:

Enter Your Cat Club Information:

  • Location
  • Frequency of your shows
  • If you support local humane efforts
  • Club website. If you don’t have one, simply link back to

#2 Profile Picture:

Add Your Club Logo

Add your club logo or If you don't have a club logo add a cute cat as your profile picture.  

  • Click "Upload From Computer" to choose a picture already stored on your computer.
  • Click "Import From Website " to enter the Web address of a picture from the Internet.
  • Click "Next" when finished.

#3 Add To Favorites:

Select “Add to Favorites”

This will allow you to easily access your club page from your Facebook home page.

#4 Preferred Page Audience:

Choose the geographical area from which you want to attract visitors to your next cat show.

Your choice will guide spectators from your selected target area to ‘like’ your page on Facebook.

Once you have created a page for your Cat Club, add information about an upcoming show (termed an "Event").

Add an Event

Once you have created a page for your Cat Club, you can add information about your next show by creating an "Event"..

  • Click on
    "Event, Milestone +"
  • Select “Event.”


Fill in Details of the Event

  • Insert a cat photo for your Event.
  • Fill in the details about your show including location, date and time.
  • Add club members as co-hosts
    who are also on Facebook so they can help field questions from spectators, as well as invite their
    local friends, family, and pet buyers.
  • Add a description of the event.
  • Choose a category (Fundraiser).
  • Add relevant Tags including your cat registry, regional website, etc.
  • Be sure to check that only the event hosts can post on the event wall.


Add Facebook Advertising:

  • You may also choose to add paid Facebook advertising to boost publicizing your event to local spectators.
  • Make any changes or additions that you would like for your spectator-focused ad.

Enter Payment Method

Ads start as low as just $20.

Click on "Publish":

Once you have double-checked all your information and are ready to go, click on the Publish button.

  • Share your event on Twitter and your Facebook page.
  • Share your Facebook event with all of the people involved with your cat show.
  • Share your Facebook event with local bloggers who might help promote the show.
  • Share the Facebook event with local newspapers or relevant websites such as area events, pet supply retailers, veterinarians, etc.



Lorna pictured with GC, NW Chome Chai Haute Couture of NuDawnz.


Lorna Dawn Friemoth is a second generation CFA breeder and exhibitor, daughter of John and Shelby Friemoth of Shelbie Cattery.

She attended her first cat show in 1984 when she was a week of age and started showing Persians with her family at the age of five. She started stewarding as soon as she was tall enough to reach the back of the judges' cages and clerking at age 12. At age 11, she asked her parents' permission to start raising her own breed of cats. She did her research on various breeds and decided on the Japanese Bobtail due to their loving and playful personality and overall robust health.

She also decided at a young age that she wanted to grow up to be a cat show judge, and started fulfilling the breeding and showing requirements to do so.

She has been a member of the Exotic Breeders Cat Club since 1998 and later joined Japanese Bobtail Fanciers, Just Cat-In Around, Thumbs Up Cat Fanciers, Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers, Motor City Jazz Club, Ohio State Persian Club, Dayton Cat Fanciers, and Abyssinian Midwest Cat Fanciers.

In 1999 Lorna formed NuDawnz Cattery, a play on words using her middle name, and went on to raise and show 12 breeds of cats, including Japanese Bobtails, Persians, Exotics, American Bobtails, Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Balinese, Orientals, American Shorthairs, European Burmese, and most recently Abyssinians and Somalis.

She and her family were instrumental in getting the American Bobtail accepted for championship status in CFA and went on to achieve the first American Bobtail national winner and male DM, GC GP BW A Bebop Tail Yeti of NuDawnz, DM, who produced the first American Bobtail kitten national winner and second generation male DM, GC BW NW NuDawnz Yukon Cornelius, DM.

As of 2016, NuDawnz Cattery currently boasts 11 Distinguished Merit titles, 16 regional winners, 4 national winners, and 100 grands, making NuDawnz a Tier V Cattery of Distinction Superior. Lorna will receive her 20 year clerking service award at the annual awards banquet this year in Las Vegas. She is also a Certified Master Clerk.

She is extremely passionate about CFA and cat shows, and has created an exhibitor-focused Facebook page specifically for advertising shows, their closing times, and preliminary counts and breed summaries when available. She and her boyfriend, Seth Baugh, can be found at shows across the country virtually every weekend supporting the hobby that brought them together.

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