The First Longhaired Exotic Grand in CFA!

Published August 2009

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PandEcats would like to honor and congratulate the history-making calico spay, GP Calivan's Party Doll of Davlor, the first Long haired Exotic Grand in CFA!

This is her story...

"Dolly" began her historic journey in the late summer of 2008 when she one of 4 kittens born from the mating of two Exotic Shorthair parents. Bred by Kathy Holahan of Calivan Exotics of Portland, Oregon, Dolly's littermates were all shorthaired. While Dolly was an undeniable beauty, as she grew it was also obvious that she was going to be long haired ... and so unshowable in CFA.

Proud Parents:

Sire: GC, RW Calivan's Captain Hook

Dam: CH Desmin Dollmaker of Peking

Disappointed, but philisophical, Kathy spayed the pretty kitten then took her to a few local cat shows intending to find her a good pet home. There were no takers.

Then in February 2009, CFA Accepted the Longhair Exotic For Championship Status effective May 1, 2009!

Great news - and something that would change the course of Dolly's life.

Dolly would just have aged out of her official "kittenhood" for the first CFA show of the new show season, so, Kathy entered Party Doll as an Open in Premiership ... and Dolly did not disappoint, making several finals including being made Best Cat by judge Denis Ganoe!

When Dolly's win was mentioned on the Exotic email list, it was read by Loretta Mitchell of Davlor cattery who lived on the other side of the country in Frederick, Maryland. Loretta and her husband had started in the cat fancy two years previously with Persians, but were also enamored with the personality of Exotics, both shorthair and long.

Loretta had been looking for a cat to campaign and when she saw photos of Dolly she fell in love. She contacted Kathy, who was delighted. Dolly would go to Loretta....

The Exchange

The next step was to get Dolly from Kathy on the west coast to Loretta on the east coast.

Enter Kathy's good friends and sometimes cat agents, Cindy and Len Walker of Abycoons cattery. The Walkers are breeders of Abyssinians and Maine Coons in Portland, OR. They also belong to an Abyssinian breed club in St Louis, MO. Every year they drive 1700 miles from Portland to St. Louis for their club's annual show!!. They consider it their vacation.

So, a plan was hatched. Dolly was entered in the St Louis show as a Premier and headed east with the Walkers on their yearly pilgrimage to Missouri. Klaus Hollmig, an exotic breeder from Little Rock, Arkansas was also going to the St Louis show, and agreed to re-bath Dolly prior to the show. Meanwhile, Loretta would drive the 15 hours from Maryland to meet Dolly at the Missouri show.

And Dolly was a real trouper, never missing a step despite all the travel and change. She earned 63 grand points at the show, just 12 points short of being a one show grand!

CFA's First Longhair Exotic Grand!

Loretta and Dolly returned to Maryland and just two weeks later entered their first show together in Roanoake, VA. In her second ring of the day, judge Douglas Myers awarded Dolly the last few points she needed to grand. She was now GP Calivan's Party Doll of Davlor and CFA's first Longhair Exotic to earn a Grand title!

Transferred to a Grand Premier on Sunday morning, Dolly finaled her first time as a Grand. 

Reaction to the first LHE Grand

Loretta found her first experience showing a LH Exotic thrilling as well as interesting.  Most folks exhibiting Exotics and Persians were very excited to see a LH Exotic Grand - and celebrated the history-making moment.

But as with anything new, and certainly considering the LHE's controversy-strewn path to eventual official acceptance, it was not surprising that some people at the show did not shared in the happiness. There were exhibitors who seemed bothered by a Longhair Exotic even being shown - mostly Persian breeders with quite a number of years under their belt.  Even some judges seemed a little hesitant when they found out they had finaled their first LH Exotic ... but none of that mattered to Loretta. She and Dolly are now off on the campaign trail.  

Congratulations to Best Cat Winner & CFA's First Longhair Exotic Grand

GP Calivan's Party Doll of Davlor

Pedigree of GP Calivan's Party Doll of Davlor

Pedigree of:GP Calivan's Party Doll of Davlor
Calico Exotic LH
Calivan's Captain Hook
Black Exotic
7708-1338130 v0602
Becton's Bo Jangles of Calivan DM
Black Exotic
7708-1155220 v0798
Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown DM
7744-0989219 v0896 / SCFF 15 269
Tulgey Charlie Brown
Flannelle Del Adene
Becton's Desert Daze DM
7747-0890587 v1194
Becton's Mister Trouble of Baja
Becton's Miss Behavin of Baja DM
Granddelight's Hidden Treasure of Calivan
Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic LH
7745M-1211645 v1199
Bryn Mawr Ripley of Fairviewers(Granddelight)
7708-1132122 v1098
Bryn Mawr Bugsy Malone DM
Jovan Miss USA of Bryn Mawr DM
Chancery's Cali of Granddelight
0145-1064863 v0897
Marhei On Your Marque of Chancery
Islandstyle's Brittany of Chancery (Alion)
Desmin Dollmaker of Peking (Calivan)
Calico Van Exotic
7749-1577858 v1207
Cotn Hill's No Trash Here
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-1383709 v0604
Candirand's Crash Bandicoot of Cotn Hill
1110-1208651 v1199
Candirand's Simply Irresistable
Candirand's Unbridled Passion
Fanci Fx Margarita of Cotn Hill DM
Fanci Fx Tequila Sunrise DM
Tehy Stars 'N Stripes of Fanci Fx DM
Desmin Driving Miss Daisy
Dilute Calico Van Exotic
7779-1470913 v1005
Desmin Desert Five-Spot DM
7792-1023366 v0497
Kowaliga Ted E. Bear of Berlin
Zoticats Petunia of Desmin DM
Heida Hello Dolly (formerly of Desmin) DM
7859-1363739 v0802
Mr Bailey of Catsongs
Heida Bye Bye Love


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