Hong Kong's First One Show Grand in CFA

Published January 2005

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On December 18, 2004, a milestone was passed in the cat fancy of Hong Kong when GC Bryn Mawr Toffee Chunk of Cantoner, a brown tabby Exotic male, became Hong Kong's first one show grand in CFA.


Owned by Florence Li & Timon Poon of Cantoner Cattery, the handsome two year old male known affectionately as Taffy was imported in 2003 from the renowned Bryn Mawr cattery and his breeders, Irene and Werner Kachel.

Two years ago, prominent Hong Kong fancier, Tony Chan of Gogocats was looking for a new male for his good friend, Florence Li. He emailed Irene Kachel who was a longtime friend and supporter of the cat fancy in Hong Kong asking if she had a suitable kitten.

Not long afterwards, Taffy was shipped to Hong Kong when he was about five months old. Florence entered him in his first show as an adult in December 2003. There were six other open males in his class, but he won the hearts of all the judges and earned the four winner ribbons required to be a Champion in Hong Kong in a single show.

Taffy was also made Best Cat three rings and was the second highest scoring cat in championship.

CFA In Hong Kong

The first CFA show was held in in Hong Kong in late 1995. At that time, there were less than 10 champions exhibited at the show which had only two rings.

In the USA, there are many shows available to choose from to grand a wonderful cat, however it is very different in Hong Kong. With only one show a year, Taffy would have to wait a full twelve months before he have jis first opportunity to earn grand points.

It is not easy to keep a young stud in proper weight and condition during the breeding season, but Florence did it. A year later, she entered Taffy in his first show as a champion.

Dec 18, 2004 at 8th Annual Show of the Hong Kong Cat Lovers' Societyg

The weather was beautiful, the show hall hummed with excitement and the cats and their owners were ready for the judging.

The largest cat show in Hong Kong history was about to begin. There were 369 cats present at the show - 101 kittens, 159 in championship, 52 in premiership and 57 HHP. It was the largest cat show ever for the Hong Kong cat fancy!

Unbelievably, 123 of the cats present were Exotic Shorthairs!!

There were 56 Exotics in championship including 16 Champions. There were 34 allbreed Champions... and one of them was Taffy.

The competition was stiff - but Taffy was up to the challenge.

By the 3rd ring, he had finished his grand championship and became the first one show grand in the history of CFA in Hong Kong.

Congratulations to the new GC Bryn Mawr Toffee Chunk of Cantoner.

The hope is this exceptional cat will now go on to produce many outstanding offspring that will also make their mark on the history of the pedigreed cat in Hong Kong.




From the Fanciers of Hong Kong

Everyone who has been part of Taffy's story are so proud of his historical accomplishment... We want to thank for all the judges who gave Taffy this great honor. We wish to also express our gratitude to his breeder, Irene Kachel. Without her, there would be no Taffy, and there wouldn’t have been a new page written in the history of CFA in Hong Kong.

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