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The results from the CFA International 2002 are in!
We would like to congratulate all the cats who participated.

Each November, the biggest cat show in the world is held in the United States of America. Exhibitors from all over the Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA converge on one show hall to exhibit more than 1300 cats over the course of three days.

*The show is called the International*

In the year 2000, this magnificent showcase of pedigreed cats took place in Kansas City, Missouri from November 17-19.

The 12 person judging panel included Kitty Angel, Stan Barnaby, Jo Ann Cummings, Pan Delabar, Diana Doernberg, Kim Everett, Jody Garrison, Wain Harding, Darrell Newkirk, Vicki Nye, Gary Veach and Bob Zenda.

Arguably the most prestigious show of the season, the results from the International often foretell the eventual Cat,

Kitten Premier of the Year winners.

The all Specialty ring format concludes by choosing a Best of the Best from the Top 5 Championship Cats, Kittens, and Premiership Cats from each specialty.

And this year's winner of the Best of the Best is...

GC NW Wishes Lyric
Copper-Eyed White Female Persian
breeder/owner Connie Stewart

Top 5 LH Cats in Championship

  1. GC NW Wishes Lyric, copper-eyed white female Persian bred/owned by Connie Stewart
  2. GC Teahs Melody-of-my Heart, blue point female Persian bred/owned by Janice & Tia Steiner
  3. GC Dragonmaine Red E Ornot Here I Come, red tabby male Maine Coon bred by Gary & Patricia Sullens owned by David & Vicki Cochrane
  4. GC Wattkatz Johnny B Good of Candirand, black & white male Persian bred by Jim & Judy Watts owned by Christy Miller
  5. GC Prancenpaws Steinway, flame-point male Persian bred by Virginia King owned by V. King & S. Pierce & C & R Fog

Top 5 SH Cats in Championship

  1. GC Wyndchymes Mask of Zorro, black & white male Japanese Bobtail bred by K Bishop / L Search / C Giammarinaro owned by Karen Bishop
  2. GC Starrpawzs Got Milk?, black & white male Scottish Fold bred/owned by Bonnie & Jacqueline Malick
  3. GC Karmacatz Angelina of Tigerwings, gold-eyed white female Devon Rex bred by Linda & Susan Peterson owned by Kathleen Rutledge / L&S Peterson
  4. GC Zehnder's Nakomis, blue female Abyssinian bred by Monica Zehnder - A Biederman owned by Monica Zehnder - Sue Vande Sande
  5. GC Stedam's Damn Yankee, blue tabby male American Shorthair bred/owned by Dawn Skupin & Eve Russell

Top 5 LH Kittens

  1. Kenkat Baby Divine of Brockhaven, cream female Persian bred by Leah Fowler owned by Leah Fowler & Dot Brocksom
  2. Beau Et Chere's California Dreamer, brown mackerel tabby male Exotic bred by Linda & Joe Abt owned by Linda Abt/Mark Hannon/David Raynor
  3. Norsestar's Layla, brown mackerel tabby/white female Norwegian FC bred/owned by Scott & Margie Nelson
  4. Kelsha Kodiak of Karizma, black male Persian bred by Kelly Tanner owned by Jan & Graham Stevens
  5. Candirand's Blast From the Past, blue & white van male Persian bred/owned by Christy Miller

Top 5 SH Kittens

  1. Velva's Bulletproof of Heartbeeps, male Russian Blue bred by Bob & Diana Doernberg, and Joan Ardrey owned by Peg Johnson
  2. Jim-an-di Purrfekt Angel, blue-point female Siamese bred by Dianne Jurgens & Bruce Alexy owned by Jennifer Wilson
  3. Dotdotdot's Harry Potter, chocolate spotted male Ocicat bred/owned by Roger & Nancy Brown
  4. 4th - Instincts Prince Edward, ruddy male Abyssinian bred by Chris Giammarinaro owned by Lynn Search and Chris Giammarinaro
  5. Sultry Night Moves, seal point male Siamese bred/owned by Barbara Klesman

Top 5 LH Cats in Premiership

  1. GC Tehy Reddy-set-go! of Weekiltie, red tabby spay Persian bred by Terry Hyde owned by Beth Ladd
  2. GC Lion House Basic Black, black spay Exotic bred/owned by Sue Fraser & Larry Rhoades
  3. GC Boberan's Look-of-love of Hedy, black neuter Persian bred by Randy Primmer & Bob Farber owned by Denise Heady
  4. GC RW Fabuls Elfin Magic, red mackerel tabby & white Persian bred by Vikki Valentine owned by Carol Warrens
  5. GC Kattenbach What Dreams May Come, flame point neuter Persian bred by Dawn Bullard & Belinda Ernest owned by Dawn Bullard

Top 5 SH Cats in Premiership

  1. GC Austriana Tesori, sable spay Burmese bred by Erika Graf-Webster owned by Kathy Rutledge & Erika Graf-Webster
  2. GC Stedam's De'ja Vu of Karleton, black neuter American Shorthair bred by Dawn Skupin owned by E Russell - V Wight - D Skupin
  3. GC Tamarakatz From This Moment On, red neuter Somali bred by Tammy Roark owned by Tammy & Rob Roark
  4. GC Maou Bonniblu, blue spay British Shorthair bred by marian Johnson owned by Ruth West
  5. GC Tahame's Mollie Bea of Caliente, bi-color spay Manx bred by Sherman & Sandy Ross owned by Richard & Terry Brown


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