Published April 2004

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On April 6, 2004, longtime CFA judge Jeanie McPhee passed away quietly and peacefully at her home.

In failing health for some time, Jeanie's spirit remained strong.

She will always be remembered as one of the great ladies of the cat fancy. She was honest, gentle, kind and an inspiration to newcomers.

Her contributions to the promotion and welfare of the cats in general and of CFA in particular are legendary.

With her mother, Virginia Coughlin, Jeanie was a noted Persian breeder in the 50's and 60's. The cattery name, Co-Mc, was particularly known for their beautiful brown tabby Persians.

As a renowned Manx breeder, her contribution to the breed is immortalized in the bloodlines of the many famous cats who boast cats of her breeding in their pedigrees.

A CFA judge for almost 45 years, Jeanie's career as an exhibitor was crowned in 2002 when her back and white Manx spay, GC, GP, NW Co-Mc Candy Kisses of Caliente, which she co-owned with R. & T. Brown, was Best Cat in Premiership in CFA. Candy was also Best of the Best at the 2001 International Show.

Jeanie leaves behind the legacy of a truly fine person who gave much to CFA for many years.

~ Jeanie McPhee ~

      • CFA All Breed judge since 1960
      • CFA Medal of Honor Recipient
      • Founder of the CFA Show Manual and CFA Directory
      • Judging Program Coordinator from 1980-83
      • Member of CFA Planning Committee
      • Gulf Shore Region RVP 1965-67
      • CFA Director-At-Large 1971-1982, 89-90
      • Breeder of Co-Mc Manx, Persians, Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs
      • Author of many cat-related articles

~ Rest In Peace ~

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