Kaopectate Warning

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Published January 2004

The new formula of Kaopectate® may be deadly to your cat.

Kaopectate®, the diarrhea medication for humans, has also been used effectively on cats and dogs.

However, Kaopectate's® new formulation contains bismuth subsalicylate, an aspirin derivative that may be harmful to some dogs and can be deadly to cats.

Kaopectate® is sometimes given several times a day for 3 days for symptomatic treatment in cats.

If given at the this same dose, the amount of aspirin equivalent in the extra-strength Kaopectate®
is now toxic to some cats.The new Kaopectate® caplet is scheduled to be shipped no later than April 2004, but the liquid version is already on the retail shelves.

The "old" Kaopectate®, containing attapulgite, may still be available for a while.

Please, exercise caution and check the label and/or look for generic formulas containing the attapulgite or kaolin pectin WITHOUT bismuth subsalicylate.

Keep in mind that the human "over-the-counter" drugs are exactly that --- for humans. Formulation changes may be beneficial to humans but dangerous to pets.

Always consult your veterinarian before giving your pets any non-prescription drug.

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