A Slight Miscommunication

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The small woman entered the pet grooming shop in Chicago. Jane had recently moved from Oklahoma. In a soft southern drawl she introduced herself to the Derek, the man who was going to groom her Golden Persian, Bubba.

Jane had owned Bubba since he was a little kitten. During the summer months down south she always had his tummy clipped short to keep him cooler and more comfortable during the hot weather.

The groomer in Oklahoma called the tummy clip a "Line Cut", so after Jane moved to Chicago, when the time came, she took Bubba to a new groomer and asked for a Line Cut.

She was a bit taken aback when she was told the charge would be $80—but it needed to be done. And lots of things were often more expensive up north.

Jane asked the groomer if he knew how to do a Line Cut. Derek assured her he did. In fact, it as a very popular cat clip and he did many of them every year.

When Jane returned to the grooming salon a few hours later she was horrified when she found that Bubba had been shaved half bald!

She screamed, "What have you done! I asked for a Line Cut!"

Puzzled, Derek the groomer looked at her and replied, I did what you asked. I gave him a Lion Cut . . . see, he has a mane and his tail has a pompom, just like a lion.

Jane was dumbfounded until she realized that when she said "line", her southern accent made it sound like "lion" to the Northerner's ears.

Her poor naked kitty . . . it was a case of a slight miscommunication.

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