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You have just bought a kitten and its registered name is too long to add your cattery name to it.

Bummer :-(.

But wait! You can actually change its name to something shorter to make room to add your cattery name - depending...

Or perhaps you registered and named a kitten - then as the kitten developed you decided the name didn't suit it - and you wanted to change it?

Or maybe have you had a "senior" moment when filling out a name on a certificate and you misspelled the name?

Whatever the reason, there may be times and circumstances under which you would like to change a cat's registered name.

Name Change Requirements

The name of a registered cat can be changed or shortened in CFA if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • The Cat Has No Titles

    The cat has never earned a title (e.g. CH, GP, DM) or received a National/Regional award. If the cat has been shown but not earned a title yet, a change of name is still permitted.

  • The Cat Has No Progeny

    No litters have been CFA registered listing the cat as a parent. If the cat has produced kittens that were registered with CFA, no name change is allowed.

  • You Have The Owner/Breeder's Permission For A Change

    You must be the current registered owner of the cat and the cat has not previously been registered in anyone else's name, you can apply for a name change.

    If a transfer of ownership has taken place, you must provide CFA with a signed statement of agreement from all previously registered owners agreeing to allow the change.

    If you've recently purchased the cat and have not yet transferred the cat into your name, it is suggested you obtain the aforementioned letter of agreement and submit it in conjunction with the transfer application.

Apostrophe "s"

If the cat has an apostrophe in its name associated with the breeder's cattery name, the apostrophe "s" can be dropped to make room for your cattery name is you are just one or two letters short of having sufficient space. Example: Miracle's Love Kitten can be changed to Miracle Love Kitten of (your cattery name).

Initiating The Change

The cat's registration certificate must be returned to CFA along with a letter detailing the change desired and a letter of permission from the breeder if required.

The fee for a name change as of January 2004 in CFA is $8.00.

Many cat registries have similar rules.

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