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The Latest Expanded Version of the Popular DVD That Teaches You How To Show Groom Your Longhaired Cat Is Now Available!

Have you ever wished your Persian looked as good as a prize-winning show cat? Anyone owning a longhair breed would answer the question with a yes!

The newest version of the popular grooming DVD titled, The Purr-fect Bath: Hollywood for Persians and Longhairs is now available!

The DVD is packed full of information and video demonstrating the grooming techniques and tips which author Laura Thomas has learned and mastered over her years of breeding and exhibiting national-winning Persians in CFA. The "Hollywood" version of Laura's popular DVD, The Perfect Bath, includes more material including video demonstrations of blow drying and nail clipping.

About The Author

Laura resides in a home on the beach in Hampton , Virginia with the Purrinlot Persians . With her three children now grown and gone, her kitties receive her full devotion.

Pampered and spoiled, the cats have free run of her home, sleep in her bed and cat-nap in the sun in their very own screened in porch with an ever-changing view of the birds and butterflies in the backyard.

Laura does her best to keep her cattery small and cageless and has been successful in her breeding program even while keeping her numbers very low. Her secret is her partner and cousin, Robert Edwards, who homes several of the kitties and helps her show and grand her Persians.

Laura began exhibiting Bicolor’s in 1996 and added whites to her program in 2000. In 2001-2002, she bred and campaigned her first National-winning Persian, a copper eyed white - GC, NW Purrinlot Arelikiss of Stepp’nstone.

The same year, Laura, with the help of Toni Pironti, campaigned GC, NW Purrinlot Majestic Kiss to 20th Best Kitten.

In September 2002, Laura’s long awaited dream was accomplished.

After blending lines and working towards an odd- eyed/blue eyed bicolor for five full years, she bred and showed an odd-eyed brown tabby and white van, GC Purrinlot Jacob Said My Eyes Is Me, along side his odd-eyed bicolor sister.

Jacob became CFA’s first odd-eyed bicolor to Grand - and he did it in only 7 rings! She hopes someday to have the bicolor class packed with blue eyed bi-colors.

Laura’s always enjoyed helping and teaching newcomers. Over the years she has mentored over a dozen new breeders - many who are successfully enjoying exhibiting kitties of their own breeding.

After years of helping the newcomer to the cat fancy learn to groom on an individual basis, Laura created a DVD about grooming and the first version of The Purr-fect Bath became available in the summer of 2004.

Now, the newest, expanded version is available titled The Purr-fect Bath: Hollywood for Persians and Longhairs.

The Show Bath

One of the highlights of the DVD is video footage of Laura performing an actual show bath of a Persian.

The viewer is taken step-by-step through the degreasing process, three shampoos and the application of a conditioner. Each section is covered thoroughly to help the viewer understand and master all the techniques involved.

As a bonus, the viewer can watch the movie all at once or return to individual sections to concentrate on specific areas.

Two highlights of the video is learning how to "float" the coat - and the importance of proper degreasing. Both grooming techniques are covered thoroughly.

Questions Asked and Answered

Did you know there are 3 types of Hot Oil for 3 types of coat texture and color? And it makes a difference if you use white vinegar or apple? Do you know what to do for chin acne? How about stud tail? D o you know the secret of PINK? D o you know what herbs can do for your cat's coat?

Little things add up to make a big difference. Get the answers to all these questions and more!

Pet Owners

Even though this DVD is designed for the exhibitor to prepare their cat for show, it is the most helpful hands on material in the marketplace for pet owners too.

Laura comments,

“The complaints I hear most often from pet owners is there’s no coat on their Persian, their face is stained or the cat had to be shaved from the mats - and they have no idea why for they comb all the time. This video was made to help the pet owner have a cat with coat like a show cat!”

Special Features

The Special Features section of the DVD includes a a list of grooming products, with pictures and explanations about which product to use when and for what.

Laura teaches about white coats Laura even gives her stamp of approval for the products she likes and uses most. Laura added both drying techniques and nail clipping to this version.


The Hollywood version of The Purr-fect Bath includes drying techniques and nail clipping. Laura includes a free grooming tip sheet-packed with goodies with every DVD purchased through her website!


When I purchased your DVD "The Purr-fect Bath " I did not realize just how much I was missing with the show bath.  Your suggestions on shampoos, rinses, etc. was extremely helpful.  What a difference!  I am looking forward to your instruction on Show Grooming and Sculpting.  

Patricia Finch
California, USA


I have done a lot of show baths but never like this. Now I really understand what to do to get the perfect result for the show halls. Thank you for taking the time making this DVD Laura. Its worth a lot for me and I will recommend it to all my friends. Looking forward to see part 2!

Chatrine Kleberg
Cinema's Persian s


I enjoyed every minute. Even an old dog like me learned a few tricks. I especially appreciated the details on specialty shampoos. I intend to buy the Hollywood version and Ringside edition as well. Keep up the good work.

Lyne Beauchesne
Avalon Mists Persians


My Himalayan was number one internationally for kittens (Himmies), 8th all breed regionally, and as an adult is now a Quadruple Champion after two shows. I follow your video to the T and constantly get compliments on my grooming. Thank you again so much.

LT Kurt D. Williams, SC, USN
Maine Coons and Himalayans

Georgia, USA


I learned a lot from your video and it is not that I am new to cats and grooming but you are never too old to learn new things. Since I have be following all your hints, my grooming as come along like a house on fire and when the Judges remark on my grooming, it makes it all worthwhile...

Margaret Aldous
Simkara Cattery


Coming Soon

DVD-Vol 2: It's SHOW TIME! Ringside Edition (pre-orders being taken now-ships September 2005) Persian Show Grooming made easy! Ringside grooming with face sculpting, trimming, products, tools and application tips.


The Purr-fect Bath - Hollywood for Persians and Longhairs retails for $34.95 in stores or buy direct from Laura at the discounted price of only $24.95

For more information visit Laura's website at
or email:

Special Note

This is the latest version of Purr-fect bath and includes several new sections including drying and nail clipping techniques. If you have purchased the original, Purr-fect Bath for Persians and Longhairs, and wish to upgrade to the newest version, contact Laura and receive full credit of the original price paid towards the new DVD if the original purchase date was before February 2005. If the purchase was between February and May 2005, receive a $10 discount off the new version combo special.


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