Reality TV For Cats

by Lisa McClellan

The author and her husband share their home with two Persians and one Exotic. The Exotic is named Chili. The brown-tabby-and-white Persians are sister and brother and are named Emma and Oliver. Together, the fur-kids are referred to as a combination of their first initials - CEO

It seems like every third program on TV is a reality show. We love it!

Chili, Emma and Oliver have also turned into reality TV fanatics...

And it seems like each has their own programs they prefer - although I suspect they see their own cat-related versions of the most popular programs.

For instance, Emma’s favorite is the “Amazing Face". It's the show where the cat with the best face wins one million dollars. Naturally, the Persians and Exotics always win.

Oliver’s favorite is “Scooper Nanny” - the show where a nanny is hired by cats to surprise unsuspecting owners who neglect their litter boxes.

Chili's personal favorite is “Trading Mouses”. In this show two cats trade houses and the mice scatter. Chili is particularly fond of the episode where a multi-cat family trades with a single-cat family - because the mice didn't have a chance. Despite their pleading, purring, and constant cuteness, "CEO" have been unsuccessful in getting signed on as participants for the shows.

Of course, they wouldn't miss an episode of "The Furreal Life". It's the show where six celebrity cats of different breeds and often from different cat registries around the globe are brought together to share a home and an outrageous week that can only be described as "furreal".

No one is allowed to change the dial when "The Biggest Snoozer" is about to start.  For one month, the cat who sacrifices play to spend endless hours sleeping and eating, becomes the biggest winner by walking away with a FAT prize.   

Finally, no week would be complete without watching the latest edition of "The Bachelorpet". The cats are glued to the set watching the meowing and calling, spraying, treading and rolling and shameless carrying on as a group of horny tom cats vie for the attention of a single female in season. Such goings on! The lucky stud muffin may propose in the end - but just how long does she think he will remain faithful?

Chili, Emma and Oliver wouldn't miss it - or any of their Top Cat reality programs :-).

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