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The author and her husband share their home with two Persians and one Exotic. The Exotic is named Chili. The brown-tabby-and-white Persians are sister and brother and are named Emma and Oliver. Together, the fur-kids are referred to as a combination of their first initials - CEO

Recently we purchased CEO a new teaser. It is a 4 foot long stretchy ribbon of fuzzy material. It is a cutesy, twirly thing in a rainbow of colors.

The "kids" have had enormous fun with it. We have even had to trim the material a few times because it was so stretched out after many rounds of tug-o-war.

Chili immediately claimed stake to it and began to drag it around the house while Emma and Oliver chased in wild pursuit.

Emma and Oliver quickly caught on and it has become a challenge for the trio to see which one of them can get to it first to drag around for the other two... we call this the "Drag Race".

One day Chili was playing quite aggressively and somehow managed to get the fleece rope wrapped around his body.

It looked like he was wearing an exotic dress. We referred to this look as the "Drag Queen". Now we are careful to only let CEO play with the teaser when supervised. They call this "A Drag!"

Of course, their favorite way of playing with it is to have us twirl it above their heads or snake it across the floor.

CEO has been very effective in convincing us that they need to be played with by whining a little, rubbing up against us, and leading us to the place where the teaser has been laid to rest.

And... when you use that technique to convince your mamma to play with you, make sure you use it right before she is about to go to bed. Once she donates an hour of her sleep time, puts the teaser in its special spot and decides it's time for all of you to go to bed, act like a band of Banshee Indians - jump on the headboard, race into the livingroom and clunk the picture window. Tip over a waste basket to rummage through it, making certain to choose the one that hits the ceramic floor so it makes more noise when it falls over... Be sure to use the scratching post between each stop... many stops and loudly sharpen those nails!

Then all of you must jump on her bed, tip over the lamp. Oh, you already did that. Shuffle until you get comfortable. Finally, to properly thank her for all her love and attention, you should purr loudly in both her ears - STEREO!

Look behind you, Chili!!!

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