Things I Have Learned From My Cats

Published October 2007


Make the world your playground


Whenever you miss the sandbox, cover it up.
Dragging a sock over it helps


When you are hungry,
meow loudly so they feed you just to shut you up.


Curiosity never killed anything except maybe a few hours.


Always find a good patch of sun to nap in.
Nap often.


When in trouble, just purr and look cute.


Life is hard, and then you nap.


If you can't get your way, lay across the keyboard till you do.


When in doubt, cop an attitude.


Variety is the spice of life.


One day, ignore people;
the next day, annoy them,
and play with them when they're busy.


Climb your way to the top.
That's why the curtains are there.


Make your mark in the world, or at least spray in each corner.


Always give generously;
a bird or rodent left on the bed tells them, "I care".

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