TICA Offers Discounts
On Transfers From Other Registries

Published March 2007

TICA, The International Cat Association, offers discounts on multiple registrations of cats already registered in another cat registry.

The International Incentive

Entitled the International Incentive, TICA offers a $5 discount per cat for 5 or more cat transfers made at the same time.

Add a Cattery Registration for an additional $25.00

(minimum of $75.00 total)

The discount was originally offered as a temporary measure to European breeders to encourage then to register and exhibit in TICA as TICA expanded their presence in Europe.

The incentive was so successful, that it was eventually made a permanent program and extended to all breeders interested in TICA, including North American breeders.

Who Might Be Interested In Registering Large Numbers Of Cats In TICA?

The discount is a financial encouragement for:

  • The breeder/exhibitor showing and registering in one registry and looking to begin showing in TICA
  • The breeder/exhibitor looking to change registries
  • The breeder who is importing a number of cats from a breeder in another cat registry

Requirements To Register a Cat in TICA

To make transferring a cat to TICA even more attractive, when registering a cat in TICA from a different registry, it is not necessary to purchase a certified pedigree from the old registry.

Instead you can supply a minimum of a 3-generation pedigree, stating the color and pattern and the registering association's assigned registration number, for each ancestor listed. This pedigree must be signed by the breeder of the cat for which application is being made and must include a statement that this pedigree is true and correct to the best of the breeder's knowledge, and a statement as to whether the cat may or may not breed.

In addition, a photocopy of a registration certificate from the association showing proof that the cat is owned by the person making the application and asking to be named the owner of the cat.

Details regarding registering and individual cat are found at:


The form to register an individual cat is found at:


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