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Published August 2007

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Once we acquired our darling cat trio known as CEO, we decided to do some research and test a few brands of scoop-able litter.

Since we were now officially a "multiple" cat household, we investigated the scoopable litters marketed for homes with several cats. Seems an obvious choice, right?


Too Scented Litter

The manufacturers of litter seem to labor under the assumption that consumers prefer to change and scoop litter as few times as possible, especially if you have more than one cat. To accommodate this, companies have created litters with a scent to mask odors. I assume they do this so that the litter box can ferment for weeks before it is necessary to change it. Yikes! 

Most of the "multiple cat" litter formulas that we have tested smell so strongly they would cause a human nose to curl. I can't help but wonder what must it smell like to our feline babies with their much more sensitive noses and keener sense of smell?

The scent of the scoopable litters we tried was so strong that we were quite concerned about our kitties breathing it in during their visits to the litter box. Furthermore, the dust was extreme and we observed increased bouts of sneezing.

Our cats are also big water babies. They love to play in the damp bathtub or "fish" in their water bowls... and naturally the first place they go after playing in water is to their litter box. This results in the kitties walking around wearing hob-nailed boots from the clumped litter between their toes. Clearly, we needed to find a litter that didn’t leave such a mess in their paws.

Thus began the saga to "Find The Right Kitty Litter"...

The Hunt

We are not breeders nor are we exhibitors... although we enjoy visiting cat shows.  We relied on the vendors at the shows to help guide us in the proper direction when choosing a litter.  With all due respect to the vendors who believe in the products they are selling and the cat owners who swear by them, we purchased many a product that was not suitable and that ended up being laid to rest in the trash can.

A New Idea

Recently we watched and participated in a demonstration at a cat show for a product called Littermate Scoopable Additive. It is an all natural organic additive that when mixed with any regular clay litter makes it a scoop-able litter. Zowie! What an idea. So we thought we would try it.

We loved it. It has a fresh, but not over-powering scent, and the big bonus is that the litter dust in our house has decreased to almost  zilch.

How To Use Littermate

To use Littermate, you simply start with a clean litter box and combine one part Littermate additive to two parts of any regular litter of your choice, mix it well and use it like any scoop-able litter… minus the strong chemical scent and dust.

Wha-la... we finally have a litter box that satisfies both us and our cats!

How It Works

When cat urine is exposed to LitterMate cat litter additive and a dry cat litter, it bonds forming a hard solid clump. Each clump separates from the surrounding dry litter locking in all wetness and odor. Scoop out the clumps and solids wastes, daily or as required, removing the sources of odor, and the litter box will stay fresh and clean indefinitely.

The manufacturer promotes the product by suggesting the additive saves money by allowing the customer to use their favorite inexpensive non-scoopable cat litter, but eliminates the need for litter box dumping and refilling that comes with a non-clumping litter.

In Conclusion

While each cat owner will have their own personal preference as to the brand and type of cat litter, Littermate is the PURRFECT (and healthy) litter box solution for us and our cats.

About The Author:

Lisa McClellan and her husband, Terry, live in Rochester, Minnesota where they share their home and life with a pair of brown tabby and white Persian siblings, Oliver and Emma, and a red tabby Exotic Shorthair who answers (occasionally) to the name of Chili.

The feline trio have been dubbed CEO, their first initials, and the position the kitties think they hold in the family hierarchy.

Lisa is a talented and prolific writer who occasionally cannot resist recording some of CEO's adventures.

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