The Way We Were:
Excerpts from the 1959 CFA Yearbook, Part 1

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The year was 1959... it was a year that:

  • The Barbie Doll was created
  • The first color photograph of Earth from outer space is seen
  • "Gigi" wins Best Picture at the Oscars
  • "Bonanza" premieres on NBC-TV, the first weekly television series broadcast completely in color
  • Hawaii is admitted as the 50th State
  • The original Mini, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis is launched, at the price of £500

With the success of their first ever yearbook, in 1958, CFA published another edition.

Measuring just 6" x 9", it was a soft-cover, spiral-bound book, sold for the cost of $1.25. It had 122 pages, and ads from 47 catteries.

Only about 500 copies were ever printed - which combined with the fragility of a paperback publication with plastic spiral binding - makes it a very hard find these days!

Some notable items from the minutes of the Board Meetings that year were:

  • San Diego Cat Fanciers proposed that CFA allow neuters and spays to compete for Premier Points in a like manner in which intact cats compete for Champion Points. The resolution passed, and this was the first year that alters were allowed to compete in CFA shows for titles.
  • In addition to adding Premiership competition, new color class numbers were added to allow Household Pets to compete at the shows.

1959 Show Season

The show season of 1958-59 had a total of 96 judging rings held. The first show of the season was held October 4-5, 1958, and the last show of the season was held March 7-8, 1959.

There was quite a large variety of formats at that time, and most shows only had a couple of rings each day. Often there was 1 Allbreed ring, 1 Longhair ring, and 1 Shorthair ring. For the few 2-day shows, one club would sponsor the rings on the first day, and a separate club would sponsor the rings on a second day. The breakdown of rings for this show season was:

Shorthair Specialty
Longhair Specialty
Siamese Specialty
Tabby & Tortie Specialty
Silver Specialty
Solid Color Specialty
All Short Hair (Except Siamese)
Domestic Shorthair Specialty

1959 Grand Parade

There were a total of 23 cats that earned their Grand Championship title during this show season - and no Grand Premiers, as that title had just barely come into existence.

Persian were by far the largest percentage that season, with 11 of the 23 grands being Persian! The remaining grands consisted of 8 Siamese, 2 Domestic Shorthairs (what we now call the American Shorthair), 1 Manx, and 1 Abyssinian. These cats are listed/pictured below - only the cats' name and owner was actually listed in the Yearbook itself, all other registration information has been added based on Stud Book entries.


GC Career Girl of Nor-Mont
Born: 7/19/1956
Reg number: 92-SB-816
Blue Persian Female
S: GC Nor-Mont Applause
D: Nor-Mont Blue Ruffles
GC Khyber’s Lari
of Birch Haven

Born: 5/1/1951
Reg number: 57-SB-965, v57
Blue Persian Male
S: CH Khyber’s Boris II
D: Pyrola of Khyber
GC Longhill Michael II
of Castilia

Born: 7/17/1955
Reg number: 88-SB-350, v84
Cream Persian Male
S: GC Longhill’s Michael
D: Longhill’s Mazda
GC Minqua’s Punxsutawney
Born: 7/20/1955
Reg number: 86-SB-619
Blue-Cream Persian Female
S: GC Renown of Dunesk
D: Calvert Loyalhanna of Minqua
GC Nor-Mont Applause
Born: 1/27/1955
Reg number: 87-SB-617, v83
Blue Persian Male
S: CH Dixi-Land’s Wycliffe Encore
D: GC West Allis Annette
GC Nor-Mont Blue Parader
Born: 7/26/1956
Reg number: 93-SB-450, v91
Blue Persian Male
S: Nor-Mont Newsboy
D: Nor-Mont Tina Marie
GC Nor-Mont Jubilee II
of West Allis

Born: 1/27/1955
Reg number: 93-SB-321, v84
Blue Persian Male
S: CH Dixi-Land’s Wycliffe Encore
D: GC West Allis Annette
GC Ru-Ling Rusty
of Birch Haven

Born: 6/24/1951
Reg number: 58-SB-144, v58
Red Persian Male
S: Phyreside Minute Man of Ru-Ling
D: CH Maybank Almina of Ru-Ling
GC Shawnee Moonflower
Born: 6/25/1955
Reg number: 58-443, v84
Copper-Eyed White Persian Female
S: Moonraker of Gaylands
D: CH Rosedere Fleur of Arlington
GC Silver Mesa Miss Katrina
Born: 7/8/1952
Reg number: 63-SB-146, v63
Chinchilla Silver Persian Female
S: CH Sir Bedford O’Pickford
D: Pandora Silver of Silver Mesa
GC Silver Mesa Sir Valiant
Born: 6/10/1953
Reg number: 69-SB-535, v69
Chinchilla Silver Persian Male
S: CH Sir Pixie of Silver Mesa
D: Cecilia Scotia of Silver Mesa
GC Chirn Sa-Hai
Twenty Carats

Born: 7/7/1954
Reg number: 84-SB-602-A, v84
Ruddy Abyssinian Male
S: GC Chirn Sa-Hai Ricki
D: CH Mao Qui Vive of Chirn Sa-Hai
GC Boren’s Little Lady Lylac
Born: 5/4/1956
Reg number: 94-SB-254, v88
Lilac Point Siamese Female
S: CH Frost-E-Lad of Boren
D: CH Bograe’s Laven Dear Lady of Boren
GC Bult'h Hex
Born: 6/8/1954
Reg number: 78-SB-246, v78
Blue Point Siamese Male
S: Spotlight Ptolemy of Caithness
D: CH Caithness Maliwan
GC Medicine Lake Kyo-Ko
of Nor-Mont

Born: 5/9/1957
Reg number: 57-61, v85
Seal Point Siamese Female
S: CH Medicine Lake Wee-Zano Kitti
D: CH Wee-Sal of Medicine Lake
GC Medicine Lake Sakie
of Nor-Mont

Born: 5/9/1957
Reg number: 57-60, v85
Seal Point Siamese Male
S: CH Medicine Lake Wee-Zano Kitti
D: CH Wee-Sal of Medicine Lake
GC My-Lo’s Cococil
Born: 2/20/1957
Reg number: 98-SB-052, v87
Chocolate Point Siamese Female
S: Medicine Lake Seal Boy of My-Lo
D: CH Medicine Lake Cocodoll of My-Lo
GC Quinn’s Blue Nite
of Fan-T-Cee

Born: 4/3/1956
Reg number: 95-SB-410, v84
Blue Point Siamese Male
S: CH Fan-T-Cee Tee Cee
D: Mandarin’s Destiny Quinn
GC Singa Penelope
Born: 1/4/1957
Reg number: 99-SB-427, v87
Seal Point Siamese Female
S: Holmesdale Caraban of Wu
D: CH Singa Lindette
GC Ven Oriental Boy of Dalai
Born: 11/3/1953
Reg number: 73-FR-336, v73
Seal Point Siamese Male
S: CH Dalai Jakki
D: Nancy of Ven
GC Xantha’s Candice of Tra-Mar
Born: 3/21/1956
Reg number: 92-FR-140-M, v87
Black Manx Female
S: CH The Churches Bosun of Xantha
D: CH Xantha’s Velda
GC Shawnee Startler
Born: 6/16/1954
Reg number: 80-FR-440-2-D, v80
Silver Tabby Domestic (American) Shorthair Male
S: No record
D: No record
GC Vikiri Red Kelley
Born: March 1955
Reg number: 88-FR-834-2-D, v84
Red Tabby Domestic (American) Shorthair Male
S: Unknown
D: Unknown

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