The Way We Were:
Excerpts from the 1960 CFA Yearbook, Part 1

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The year was 1960... it was a year that:

  • Bil Keane's "Family Circus" cartoon strip debuts
  • "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" hits #1
  • "The Apartment" wins Best Picture at the Oscars
  • "The Flinstones" premieres, the first prime time animation show
  • Xerox introduces the first Commercial Document reproduction Machine
  • Elvis Presley ends his 2-year hitch in U.S. Army
  • John F Kennedy wins presidential Election

Measuring just 6" x 9", the yearbook was again a soft-cover, spiral-bound book, sold for the cost of $1.00. It had 98 pages, and ads from 43 catteries.

Only about 500 copies were ever printed - which combined with the fragility of a paperback publication with plastic spiral binding - makes it a very hard find these days!

Some notable items from the minutes of the Board Meetings that year were:

  • The proposal for an Annual Judges School was presented and adopted.
  • CFA moves from a New York corporation, to incorporation in the District of Columbia.
  • Interestingly, a proposal was made by Mr. Winn that neuters and spays (one year after being accepted for Premiership!) should be done away with at the shows... Several judges reported that they enjoyed judging the Premier class, and did not feel that they held up the show in any way. In addition, many clubs reported that this class brought in a lot of gate, and was good advertising. The motion was defeated.
  • A resolution was presented, asking that no judge be asked to wait more than 10 minutes for a cat to be brought to the judging arena... it lost!!! (Which certainly begs the question... just how long DID some judges did have to wait for cats at that time???)

1960 Show Season

The show season of 1959-60 had a total of 96 judging rings held. The first show of the season was held August 22-23, 1959 - which was almost 2 months earlier in the year than the first show of the 1958-59 season! The last show of the season was held February 27-28, 1960.

There was quite a large variety of formats at that time, and most shows only had a couple of rings each day. Often there was 1 Allbreed ring, 1 Longhair ring, and 1 Shorthair ring. For the few 2-day shows, one club would sponsor the rings on the first day, and a separate club would sponsor the rings on a second day. The breakdown of rings for this show season was:

Shorthair Specialty
Longhair Specialty
Siamese Specialty
Tabby & Tortie Specialty
Silver Specialty
Solid Color Specialty
All Short Hair (Except Siamese)
Domestic Shorthair Specialty

1960 Grand Parade

There were a total of 23 cats that earned their Grand Championship title during this show season - and still no Grand Premiers, despite the addition of that title the previous year.

Persian were by far the largest percentage that season, with 9 of the 23 grands being Persian! Amazingly, this group included GC Lee’s Hi-Hat Champaign, a cream Persian male who granded at the age of 14 years old!!!

The remaining grands consisted of 6 Siamese, 4 Domestic Shorthairs (what we now call the American Shorthair), 2 Burmese, 1 Manx, and 1 Abyssinian. These cats are listed/pictured below - only the cats' name and owner was actually listed in the Yearbook itself, all other registration information has been added based on Stud Book entries.


GC Beverly-Serrano Petite
Born: 5/30/1955
Reg number: 83-SB-827, v87
Chinchilla Silver Persian Female
S: CH Beverly-Serrano Keo
D: Joy of Beverly-Serrano
GC Chez Moumette Cal
of Nor-Mont

Born: 9/16/1957
Reg number: 58-SB-917, v90
Cream Persian Male
S: CH Longhill’s Super Mike
D: CH Longhill’s Michaelina
GC Dixi-Land Queed
of Azulita

Born: 7/2/1953
Reg number: 71-SB-023, v71
Blue Persian Male
S: CH Windibank Dear David of Dunesk
D: Dixi-Land’s Iani
GC Lee’s Hi-Hat Champaign
Born: 4/28/1946
Reg number: 43-SB-068, v43-44
Cream Persian Male
S: Candy Kid
D: CH Kansas City Moonglo of Eden
GC Minqua’s Juniata
Born: 5/22/1957
Reg number: 98-SB-963
Blue Persian Female
S: GC Renown of Dunesk
D: CH Longhill’s Evette of Nigrette
GC Shawnee Moonflight
Born: 8/1/1958
Reg number: 0102-000046
Copper-Eyed White Persian Female
S: CH, DGC Klinkhammer Topper of Castilia
D: GC Shawnee Moonflower of Gallahad
Cat of the Year 1960, 1961, 1964
GC Shawnee Soap Suds
Born: 8/1/1958
Reg number: 0103-000049, v89
Copper-Eyed White Persian Female
S: CH, DGC Klinkhammer Topper of Castilia
D: GC Shawnee Moonflower of Gallahad
GC Sheromar Boy Wonder
of Nor-Mont

Born: 6/21/1956
Reg number: 93-SB-963
Chinchilla Silver Persian Male
S: CH Sheromar Shawn
D: CH Shawnee Dawnalea of Sheromar
GC Windibank Patti-Kake
of Azulita

Born: 7/9/1956
Reg number: 95-SB-729, v86
Copper-Eyed White Persian Female
S: CH Dixi-Land Dilli of Windbank
D: CH June Rose Bear of Dunesk
GC Fan-T-Cee Kabar Kenny
Born: 12/28/1957
Reg number: 0276-000052, v87
Blue Point Siamese Male
S: Kabar Will O’the Wisp of Fan-T-Cee
D: Fan-T-Cee Tinker Bell of Kabar
GC Laurentide Solitaire
of Madali

Born: 4/3/1957
Reg number: 99-FR-090, v86
Lilac Point Siamese Female
S: Laurentide Mercury
D: Laurentide Ephree Amethyst
GC Monk-Chiang Frostee
Born: 5/12/1958
Reg number: 0274-000028, v88
Lilac Point Siamese Male
S: CH Rosemar Wongse of Van-Lyn
D: Monkchaing Ho Sui
GC Singa Delphine
Born: 1/4/1957
Reg number: 99-SB-426, v88
Blue Point Siamese Female
S: Holmesdale Caraban of Wu
D: CH Singa Lindette
GC Van-Lyn Platine
Born: 4/19/1956
Reg number: 92-SB-205, v84
Blue Point Siamese Female
S: Sylvan Blue Phthalo of Vanar
D: Crickmere Li Sao of Van-Lyn
GC Veja Suda Choi
Born: 7/1/1958
Reg number: 0273-002697, v90
Seal Point Siamese Female
S: CH Medicine Lake Wee-Zano Kitti
D: Le Beau Chat Salina of Veja
GC Barlyn Ebony Duchess
of Nor-Mont

Born: 5/28/1958
Reg number: 0709-000005-3
Black Domestic (American) Shorthair Female
S: CH Stonybrook Mr. Claws of Nor-Mont
D: CH Barlyn Miss Mandy
GC Gray Horse Farm’s Jentleman
Born: 3/31/1957
Reg number: 0736-000004-3, v87
Silver Tabby Domestic (American) Shorthair Male
S: My-Lo Silver Joiee of Navajo
D: CH Ramayana Jenna
GC Lavender Silver Pattern
Born: 5/17/1953
Reg number: 57-801-1, v84
Silver Tabby Domestic (American) Shorthair Male
S: Lavender Silver Goblin
D: Lavender Silver Stripes
GC Solon Red Emburr
Born: 4/15/1957
Reg number: 58-602-1A, v86
Red Tabby Domestic (American) Shorthair Male
S: Eric The Red
D: CH Solon Snow Trinket
GC Ko-Ko-Mo of Elyria
Born: 4/26/1955
Reg number: 87-FR-821-B, v84
Burmese Male
S: CH Lan Yen’s Ket Kay
D: CH Kalyan Princess Kal-Lee
GC Reeba Ka
Born: 4/26/1955
Reg number: 86-FR-361-B, v86
Burmese Female
S: CH Lan Yen’s Ket Kay
D: CH Kalyan Princess Kal-Lee
GC Selene’s Vignette
of Willouise

Born: 1/10/1956
Reg number: 92-SB-968-A, v84
Ruddy Abyssinian Male
S: CH Ta-Lee-Ho’s Ipo of Ell-Mar
D: CH Caper Cat Trinket of Selene
GC Wila-Blite Pola
of Silva-Wyte

Born: 4/22/1958
Reg number: 0603-000004-2, v87
Copper-Eyed White Manx Female
S: Be-Sam-Bo of Wila-Blite
D: CH Finlo’s Odette of Wila-Blite

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