The Way We Were:
Excerpts from the 1962 CFA Yearbook, Part 1

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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The year was 1962... it was a year that:

  • The first Wal-Mart stsore opens for business
  • "West Side Story " wins Best Picture at the Oscars
  • Grammy Awards for Record of the Year go to "I Left My Heart in San Francisco ", by Tony Bennett
  • Dick Van Dyke and the Beverly Hillbillies are the most popular shows on TV
  • Marilyn Monroe is found dead
  • The first US Rocket - Ranger IV - lands on the moon
  • The Cuban Missile crisis occurred

Measuring just 6" x 9", the yearbook was again a soft-cover, spiral-bound book, sold for the cost of $1.00. It had 151 pages, and ads from 41 catteries.

Only about 500 copies were ever printed - which combined with the fragility of a paperback publication with plastic spiral binding - makes it a very hard find these days!

Some notable items from the minutes of the Board Meetings that year were:

  • A special August meeting was held as a teleconference - but since the maximun number of attendees via teleconference at that time was 10, 2 separate meetings had to be held. The teleconference was paid for by the Pittsburgh Cat Club, as they had requested the meeting to be called, due to an issue with their show license for the year.
  • Silver Tabbies were ruled to be part of the Tabby division - prior to that point, some shows had them in the tabby division, while others included them in the silver division.
  • The idea of having "regional" awards is first presented, the main argument in favor being that it would be a way to counter-act the All-American awards, which were scored based on a cat's results in ANY organization, and keep the entries in CFA shows instead.
  • Recogniton was sought for the Rex cats, and Provisional status was passed by the Board.
  • Blue Smokes are recognized as an accepted color.

1962 Show Season

The show season of 1961-62 had a total of 152 shows held, the largest number in the history of CFA to this date. The first show of the season was held in August 1961, and the last show of the season was held in March, 1962.

There was quite a large variety of formats at that time, and most shows only had a couple of rings each day. Often there was 1 Allbreed ring, 1 Longhair ring, and 1 Shorthair ring. For the few 2-day shows, one club would sponsor the rings on the first day, and a separate club would sponsor the rings on a second day. The breakdown of rings for this show season was:

Shorthair Specialty
Longhair Specialty
Siamese Specialty
Tabby & Tortie Specialty
Silver Specialty
Solid Color Specialty
All Short Hair (Except Siamese)
Domestic Shorthair Specialty
Foreign Short Hair

1962 Grand Parade

There were a total of 22 cats that earned their Grand Championship title during this show season.

Persian were by far the largest percentage that season, with 10 of the 22 grands being Persian!

The remaining grands consisted of 7 Siamese, 2 Burmese, 1 Abyssinian, and 2 Domestic Shorthairs (what we now call the American Shorthair). These cats are listed/pictured below - only the cats' name, registration number, and owner were actually listed in the Yearbook itself, all other registration information has been added based on Stud Book entries.


GC Azulita Paleface
of Casa Cielo

Born: 6/9/1959
Reg number: 102-01317, v95
Copper-Eyed White Persian Male
S: GC Dixi-Land Queed of Azulita
D: GC Windibank Patti Kake of Azulita
GC Beamsley Sunshine
of Gaylands (Imp)

Born: 8/7/1959
Reg number: 114-0159, v92
Cream Persian Male
S: CH Beamsley Sunbeam
D: Barwell Psyche
GC Ben-Mar Sparkle
Born: 7/6/1958
Reg number: 111-0026, v87
Red Persian Female
S: Kohinoor Tim O’Cream
D: Moonfleet’s Tama of Ben-Mar
GC Bloemhill Miss Iowa
Born: 6/25/1960
Reg number: 151-0253, v92
Blue-Cream Persian Female
S: GC Bloemhill Spartan
D: CH Longhill’s Misty Moon
GC Bloemhill Sparkle
Born: 4/24/1958
Reg number: 58-4484
Cream Persian Female
S: GC Bloemhill Spartan
D: CH Bloemhill Largo
GC Cashmere Tenderly
of Twilight

Born: 4/5/1959
Reg number: 131-0272, v88
Chinchilla Silver Persian Female
S: Sheromar’s Confederate
D: Tina Marie of Cashmere
GC Charcoal's Blue Boy
of Alta

Born: 4/8/1955
Reg number: 58-1122-3, v86
Blue Persian Male
S: CH Windibank Solitaire
D: Blue Bride’s Charcoal
GC Evergreen's Elegance
of Skyway

Born: 5/31/1959
Reg number: 104-0026, v88
Odd-Eyed White Persian Male
S: CH Melody of Greene-Gardens
D: Evergreen’s Treasure
GC Kohinoor Kathleen
of Moonfleet

Born: 3/17/1955
Reg number: 92-SB-362, v83
Tortoiseshell Persian Female
S: CH Southland’s Em-Cee
D: Spero’s Burma of Kohinoor
GC Pinewood Blue Sky
Born: 7/7/1958
Reg number: 106-0053
Blue Persian Male
S: CH Pinewood Chere Ami
D: Pinewood Pandora
GC Mizpah's Claudia
of Yasmin

Born: 3/6/1959
Reg number: 401-0133-3, v90
Sable Burmese Female
S: CH Ghirardelli Alla Mizpah
D: CH Antonica Pamphula of Mizpah
GC Mizpah's Ferdnand
of Brierwood

Born: 9/13/1960
Reg number: 400-0255-3, v90
Sable Burmese Male
S: CH Ghirardelli Alla Mizpah
D: CH Antonica Pamphula of Mizpah
GC Aberdeen's Lolita
of Blue-Iris

Born: 5/2/1959
Reg number: 271-0144, v90
Chocolate Point Siamese Female
S: CH Van-Lyn’s Frost Christopher
D: CH Kalyan Penny of Aberdeen
GC Chi-Charoen Moonshyne
Born: 6/1/1958
Reg number: 276-0149, v88
Blue Point Siamese Male
S: CH Chi-Charoen Ngoen
D: Vanar’s Tazella
GC Cymri Tonette
Born: 1/18/1960
Reg number: 277-0629
Blue Point Siamese Female
S: ??
D: ??
GC Dong Dong
Born: ??
Reg number: 273-1216
Seal Point Siamese Female
S: ??
D: ??
GC Green Lane Danny
of San-Li

Born: 3/6/1959
Reg number: 272-1529, v91
Seal Point Siamese Male
S: CH Green Lane Domonick
D: Wu Lisa of Green Lane
GC Makhanda Maraca
Born: 5/4/1959
Reg number: 273-3094, v90
Seal Point Siamese Female
S: Medicine Lake Mikado of Makanda
D: Palos Verdes Invader
GC Mei-Len's Mister
Blue Boy

Born: 9/25/1960
Reg number: 276-0758, v92
Blue Point Siamese Male
S: CH Bridle Trail’s Pingson of Alray
D: Shan-Ling Shadi Ladi of Mei-Len
GC McKnight Tar Baby
Born: ??
Reg number: 56-FR-942-D
American Shorthair Male
S: ??
D: ??
GC Ormai Babette II
of Aberdeen

Born: 8/27/1959
Reg number: 373-0039-2, v91
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Female
S: CH Reene’s Scamp of Silver-Vista
D: CH Gryffn Silver Tupence of My-Lo
GC Sheramain T. Twinks
of Aberdeen

Born: 12/13/1958
Reg number: 380-0028, v88
Ruddy Abyssinian Male
S: CH Dabru of Sheramain
D: CH Sunra II of Sheramain

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