The Way We Were:
Excerpts from the 1963 CFA Yearbook, Part 1

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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The year was 1963... it was a year that:

  • James Whittaker is the first American to climb Mount Everest
  • "Tom Jones" wins Best Picture at the Oscars
  • The soap opera "General Hospital" premiers on TV
  • The March on Washington occurs, and Dr Martin Luther King gives his "I have a dream" speech
  • President Kennedy is assassinated

Measuring just 6" x 9", the yearbook was again a soft-cover, spiral-bound book, sold for the cost of $1.00. It had 199 pages, and ads from 53 catteries.

Only about 500 copies were ever printed - which combined with the fragility of a paperback publication with plastic spiral binding - makes it a very hard find these days!

Some notable items from the minutes of the Board Meetings that year were:

  • The 10% commission on kitten sales that the clubs were previously guaranteed, was now made an optional item with the show management. !!!
  • A Red Abyssinian is presented to the Board, with a request that the color be allowed for showing along with the Ruddy that was already accepted. The request was denied...
  • It was proposed that the ages of all cats be entered into the judging books - the proposal lost...
  • The Korat is first presented to the Board, with hope that they will be recognized "when a sufficient number of them have been registered".

1963 Show Season

The show season of 1962-63 had a total of 192 shows held, the largest number in the history of CFA to this date. The first show of the season was held in August 1962, and the last show of the season was held in March, 1963.

There was quite a large variety of formats at that time, and most shows only had a couple of rings each day. Often there was 1 Allbreed ring, 1 Longhair ring, and 1 Shorthair ring. For the few 2-day shows, one club would sponsor the rings on the first day, and a separate club would sponsor the rings on a second day. The breakdown of rings for this show season was:

Shorthair Specialty
Longhair Specialty
Siamese Specialty
Tabby & Tortie Specialty
Silver Specialty
Solid Color Specialty
All Short Hair (Except Siamese)
Domestic Shorthair Specialty
Foreign Short Hair

1963 Grand Parade

There were a total of 35 cats that earned their Grand Champion title during this show season, and a Burmese became the second cat ever to earn a Grand Premier title in CFA.

Persians were the largest percentage that season, with 16 of the 36 grands being Persian, but the Siamese were close behind with 11 grands for the season.

The remaining grands consisted of 6 Burmese, 1 Abyssinian, and 2 Domestic Shorthairs (what we now call the American Shorthair). These cats are listed/pictured below - only the cats' name, registration number, and owner were actually listed in the Yearbook itself, all other registration information has been added based on Stud Book entries.


GC Ben-Mar Daydream
of Moonfleet

Born: 6/16/1959
Reg number: 114-0082, v90
Cream Persian Male
S: CH Nor-Mont Simone’s Randy
D: CH Willowood Cameo of Ben-Mar
GC Bloemhill Money Moon
Born: 3/10/1962
Reg number: 151-0486, v97
Blue-Cream Persian Female
S: GC Bloemhill Spartan
D: CH Longhill’s Misty Moon
GC Blu-Acre Fancee
Born: 4/11/1956
Reg number: 92-SB-787, v93
Blue Persian Female
S: CH Silver-Moth Macbeth of Blu-Acre
D: Kansas City Substitute
GC Castilia Serena
Born: 7/2/1959
Reg number: 107-0287, v89
Blue Persian Female
S: GC Nor-Mont Applause
D: CH Silver-Moth Serena of Castilia
GC Fairvilla Mike’s Boy
Born: 9/12/1959
Reg number: 114-0143
Cream Persian Male
S: CH Longhill’s Michaelangelo
D: CH Castilia Senora De Ora II
GC Larks-Purr Sir Blu
of Birch-Haven

Born: 8/20/1961
Reg number: 106-0725
Blue Persian Male
S: CH, DGC Larks-Purr Sunday Punch
D: CH Kitten-Kennel Little Sis
GC Las Lomas Julio
of Walnut Hill

Born: 5/26/1959
Reg number: 132-0174, v94
Shaded Silver Persian Male
S: Las Lomas Man About Town
D: Silver Mesa Miss Pixie
GC Minqua’s Chesapeake
Born: 8/1/1960
Reg number: 107-0536
Blue Persian Female
S: CH Wimauma Adam of Minqua
D: CH Longhill’s Evette of Nigrette
GC Moonfleet Fleur
of Kohinoor

Reg number: 131-0685, v96
Chinchilla Silver Persian Female
S: CH Moonfleet Boniface
D: Flagstone Antonia of Moonfleet
GC Nor-Mont Brandy
of Castilia

Born: 7/19/1960
Reg number: 114-0239, v92
Cream Persian Male
S: GC Nor-Mont Michael
D: CH Nor-Mont Duchess
GC Nor-Mont Brent
Born: 6/30/1958
Reg number: 58-5226
Cream Persian Male
S: GC Nor-Mont Applause
D: CH Nigrette Trublu of Nor-Mont
GC Nor-Mont Debbie
of Castilia

Born: 5/25/1959
Reg number: 151-0113, v88
Blue-Cream Persian Female
S: CH Klinkhammer Topper of Castilia
D: Nigrette’s Trublu of Nor-Mont
GC Nor-Mont Michael
Born: 8/8/1957
Reg number: 57-1242, v88
Cream Persian Male
S: GC Nor-Mont Applause
D: Nor-Mont’s Scarlet
GC Nor-Mont White Shadow
Born: 7/20/1956
Reg number: 57-1357, v91
Copper-Eyed White Persian Male
S: GC Nor-Mont Applause
D: CH Nor-Mont White Angel
GC Vi-Jon Georg-Ann
of Khyo

Born: 8/2/1960
Reg number: 107-0748, v94
Blue Persian Female
S: CH Vi-Jon Gorgeous George Jr.
D: Gra-Stone Lady Zane
GC Willowind Black Magic
Born: 11/16/1959
Reg number: 109-0163, v90
Black Persian Female
S: GC Vel-Vene’s Voo Doo
D: Francine’s Frostie
GC Nor-Mont White Snow
Born: 7/10/1959
Reg number: 703-0021, v86
Gold-Eyed White American Shorthair Female
S: CH Libertee
D: Nor-Mont Angelina
GC Toby II of Scioto
Born: January 1955
Reg number: 88-FR-867-2-D, v88
Tortoiseshell American Shorthair Female
S: Unknown
D: Unknown
GC Daz-Zling Dincha Kno
of So-No-Mo

Born: 12/6/1958
Reg number: 272-1155, v89
Seal Point Siamese Male
S: Daz-Zling Frijole
D: Fan-T-Cee’s Pixie of Daz-Zling
GC Daz-Zling Reflection
Born: 3/7/1961
Reg number: 277-1312, v92
Blue Point Siamese Female
S: Daz-Zling Fritos
D: Chee Chee of Daz-Zling
GC Erickson’s Baron
of Mai-Profile

Born: 5/3/1961
Reg number: 276-0953, v92
Blue Point Siamese Male
S: Wolfgang’s von Baron
D: Wolfgang’s Fanci Malane
GC Fan-T-Cee’s Flycka
of Bograe

Born: 1/6/1959
Reg number: 277-0422, v88
Blue Point Siamese Female
S: Di Napoli’s Duke of Fan-T-Cee
D: Fan-T-Cee’s Blue Rose
GC Gidgetta of Cyreccia
Born: 7/14/1960
Reg number: 271-0446, v91
Chocolate Point Siamese Female
S: CH Green-Lane Van of Velvet-Shadow
D: Terrmina
GC Gin-Lee’s Eros
Born: 6/4/1959
Reg number: 274-0068, v89
Lilac Point Siamese Male
S: CH Cruise’s Sez-Yu-Mei of Cymri
D: Van-Lyn’s Frost Venus of Gin-Lee
GC Jen-Kins Victor Rhee
Born: 3/4/1961
Reg number: 272-5021, v92
Seal Point Siamese Male
S: CH Jen-Kins Mr. Rhee
D: Timfy’s Secret of Jen-Kins
GC Jezebelle of Ju-Nees
Born: 6/21/1960
Reg number: 277-0801-1, v91
Blue Point Siamese Female
S: Lau Foo
D: Furtherdown’s Honey (imp)
GC Makhanda Gismet
of Blue-Iris

Born: ??
Reg number: 273-7036
Seal Point Siamese Female
S: ??
D: ??
GC Makhanda Marauder
Born: 4/15/1960
Reg number: 272-3369, v92
Seal Point Siamese Male
S: Medicine Lake Mikado of Makhanda
D: Usaf Shooting Star of Makhanda
GC Rogers Hts. Rockette
of Bercrest

Born: ??
Reg number: 273-7411
Seal Point Siamese Female
S: ??
D: ??
GC Ronnvikens Tutankhamon (imp)
Born: 5/8/1960
Reg number: 380-0097, v89
Ruddy Abyssinian Male
S: Tranby Khenti
D: Ronnvikens Mirabelle
GC Mizpah’s Angus Charkha
Born: 3/6/1960
Reg number: 400-0179-3, v89
Sable Burmese Male
S: GC Mizpah’s Clancy
D: CH Antonica Pamphula of Mizpah
GC Mizpah’s Cee-Celia
of Brierwood

Born: 5/2/1961
Reg number: 401-0396-3, v92
Sable Burmese Female
S: GC Mizpah’s Clancy
D: Yindling’s Dark Diane of Mizpah
GC Mizpah’s Chili Bean
Born: 8/5/1960
Reg number: 400-0257, v92
Sable Burmese Male
S: GC Mizpah’s Clancy
D: GC Mizpah’s Anitra
GC Mizpah’s Trotsky
of G(len)n

Born: 9/8/1959
Reg number: 400-0148-3, v91
Sable Burmese Male
S: Mizpah’s Ben Sikh
D: CH Antonica Pamphula of Mizpah
GP Ping’s Coffee Royale
of Cardell

Born: 9/29/1960
Reg number: 400-0229
Sable Burmese Neuter
S: CH Mizpah’s Oriental Bamboo of Ping
D: CH Mizpah’s Celeste of Ping
GC Tzaana Rangoon
Born: 4/14/1959
Reg number: 400-0090-2, v92
Sable Burmese Male
S: Prince Pogo of Regal
D: CH H R H Marin Java of Tzaana

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