Good-bye Wayne

Published March 2003

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For almost half a century, CFA judge Wayne Park was a legend in the cat fancy. The third day of March, 2003, Wayne's heart stopped beating and he passed away quietly at home.

It is the end of an era.

Wayne was one of a kind... and that is putting it mildly :-).

A male model in his youth, Wayne remained a fashion statement right up to the end. He wore a hot pink jacket or gold silk waistcoat as casually as the rest of us wear jeans. Capes, turbans and outrageous costumes were a part of his wardrobe.

Impeccably groomed, often with a slender cigarette dangling from his fingers, and sporting his trademark crooked smile, Wayne had an opinion about everything - and was happy to share it.

Underneath a crusty exterior was a knowledgeable, forthright, witty, and wickedly funny man. Honest to a fault, he marched to his own drummer.

Originally involved in ACFA, he moved to CFA and became a passionate advocate of everything CFA.

A visionary, Wayne championed CFA in Japan and Hawaii and his work became a model for international expansion of CFA worldwide. He was instrumental in establishing the International show and Purina sponsorship and his involvement in the politics and running of CFA was tireless.

He was a steadfast friend to countless breeders in CFA, sharing his knowledge, his history and his opinions with everyone.

In recent years Wayne had suffered several health setbacks, yet each time he battled back and was able to continue with the judging assignments he loved. Less than a week before his death he was at a cat club meeting, gossiping and laughing with his friends.

No doubt he is up in heaven now, chatting up the locals and making suggestions on how better to run the organization.

~ Wayne Park ~
    • CFA judge since 1966
    • Southwest Regional Director (retired)
    • CFA Board member
    • Member of the La Paz Allbreed Cat Club
    • breeder of Shaded Silver American Shorthairs under the Norpark cattery name
    • Author and Educator
    • Show Manager and Entry Clerk

May You Rest in Peace Old Friend

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